My February.

As I sit here in my room listening to the rain on my window and reflecting on the past month I can’t help but to feel humbled. For the last two months I have spent worried and wondering what God has in store for me. Let me tell you… when he answers, he really answers. This month I started a new job. It has been a very long time since I have actually completely enjoyed what I am doing. I am happy to say I love my job and am excited to see where it takes me. I have the tendency to completely consume myself with a job. My new position is currently part time. I was a little bummed about it at first but what I am realizing is, that it is teaching me how to not let a job consume me. It’s helping me realize I can’t let that happen anymore no matter how much I enjoy my job. Because my job isn’t what defines who I am and isn’t my complete identity. This month I have felt almost pulled in a million directions. I am realizing that I have more obligations or things filling my time more than ever. It’s funny how things tend to shift. I keep having to remind myself these things and people have been placed in my life for a reason. This month has been full of amazing events. It also goes without saying that February is generally categorized as a month of love. I’m not one for the month of February, or the always dreaded Valentines Day. The holiday was filled with love, hiking, trying new food, and grabbing a beer. To say I feel completely blessed to have met someone who knows me so well (probably better than I know myself sometimes) is an understatement. This month has surpassed any expectation that I could have ever expected to be. I don’t know what I would do without everyone who fills up my life. So completely thankful and blessed.

My February.

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