My April.

Honestly, this has been one of the hardest months for me to write about. April marks one year of me living back in the Central Valley. I seriously can’t even fathom how I was feeling this time last year. Yes, I had the small moments of happiness. However, I was far from being happy to say the least. I vividly remember laying in bed in my LA apartment,  this time last year looking up at the ceiling praying out loud to God. I was in tears, asking him to help me find a way to get out of LA. I knew where my heart was…and that city was not it. I not only prayed to leave, but I prayed to just be happy in general. I just wanted to be able to genuinely answer someone when they asked “How are you doing”. Let me tell you, he answered.

This April, I couldn’t help but to be constantly reminded everyday where I was a year ago. I completely cherished the small moments this month. I am thankful to be surrounded by wonderful friends, family, boyfriend… the list goes on and on. I am constantly trying to remind myself to not be consumed with work and not spreading myself too thin. I never want to see my social life and work life be so connected that I can’t differentiate between the two. This month has been full of wonderful moments. Exploring Big Tree State Park with my boyfriend was probably the best way to start my month. Walking the trails and just having a great time enjoying each others company was pretty amazing. I was able to be with my family more this month which I’m pretty thankful for. I was also able to spend time with friends I don’t normally get the chance to see. This month I found myself realizing that I really do need those moments where I sit with my friends and just have a beer, or drive around while singing on the top of our lungs. I am so thankful for those moments of not having a million thoughts on my mind. One of the most magical moments this month was my adorable niece Isabelle Rose being born. Already having two nephews I honestly didn’t know how I could feel the same amount of love towards a new addition to the family. But once the time came and my sister went into labor and then finally meeting her.. I seriously love my little niece to pieces. To look back on not only just this April but a year ago, it’s amazing to see how God has answered that one small (yet large) prayer I cried out while laying in my room while staring at my ceiling in LA. I can’t help but to feel blessed.


My April.

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