My June.

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been more excited to see a month come to a close. When I went into the month of June I looked at my calendar and saw that almost all of my free time was filled with something. Whether it was work, family functions or other commitments my time was completely booked before the month of June even started. I found myself stressed and putting my own stress on the ones surrounding me. This month showed me I really need to take time for myself and not over commit myself. Every time someone asked me how I was doing my initial response was to tell them I have been stressed. I even found myself stressing about being stressed. In the month of June I was constantly asking God to simply help me get through my day without feeling overwhelmed. Even when I knew I was maxed out on what I could offer in time to others, I felt myself feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. June reminded me I need to take one thing at a time.

Even though my month was a little insane… the moments I got to spend with my  friends and family was a complete blessing. Little moments like when I found myself laughing from someones joke, or smiling because my nephew wanted snuggles in the morning were what helped me get through this month. I was able to spend time with my sister, brother in-law and my adorable niece Isabelle this month whom I rarely get to see. I was able to serve at VBS at church which was time consuming but amazing. Seeing all the kiddos having fun and learning about Jesus was definitely worth it. I was able to see friends I hardly get to see anymore and celebrate a friends bachelorette-ness. As busy as the month of June was it’s pretty cool to look back and think “wow how did I do all of that in one month?” I am so thankful for my family, friends, and boyfriend. They all helped attempt to keep me  sane this month. The month of June was definitely a challenge in many ways. All I have to say is… God is so good.

My June.

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