My July.

July, you were such a good month… Minus the extremely warm temperatures of course. It goes without saying the Fall is my favorite season. So when the summer rolls in I generally complain a lot, become more grumpy, and sometimes even feel miserable. Not too appealing, I know. In the midst of all of that this July was actually pretty great. I spent less time worrying about things at work and in life that were out of my control. I was blessed with being able to go camping with my family and boyfriend for a night this July. Being able to just escape technology for a night and day was so needed. I forgot how much I loved being in the mountains. Being back in the campgrounds I spent most of my summers growing up was pretty amazing. I found myself just looking around and remembering all the different things my family and I used to do while being up there each summer. Also, probably one of my favorite moments camping was going on a night walk and basically letting the stars be the flashlight. I hadn’t done that in probably 3 years.

I’m trying my hardest to remember all the moments I had this month that made it so good… but it was full of so many I honestly can’t wrap my mind around it. When I say it was such a great month I don’t mean it was jam packed with only happy moments and never struggled. What I’ve come to realize over this past year is that even in the struggles there is always something that comes from it that is positive. That could be me learning something about myself or growing in a relationship. Then once I realize what positives come from it… I remember it’s God working in my life. Which is pretty amazing to reflect on. This month I found myself either forgetting to record for my video, or even remembering to record  and choosing to just be in the moment. This month I was able to see two of my oldest friends get married. It was pretty surreal to see two people I have known for 8 or more years vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Not to mention seeing most of my friends I hung out with in high school make a toast to them. It made me realize we aren’t 16 and in high school  anymore. And we don’t spend our Friday nights piling into a car to head to a football game or the movies. Even though of course I knew that along time ago it was just one of those moments. This month has definitely been a month of reminiscing and at the same time looking forward to the future. So thankful and blessed.

My July.

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