My August.

August, my oh my. I really don’t know where the month went. It was full of some pretty great moments. Each time a month comes to a close and I take a moment to reflect I realize how much I have grown. This month is no different. I went into the month of August so excited for all the fun things I had planned. Little did I know God had way bigger plans than I could have guessed. This month I went to Tahoe with friends which was a much needed trip away and wonderful to spend time with friends I don’t get to spend quality time with often. Made a quick trip and visited my boyfriends family in Visalia. I don’t think I realized how much I have missed all of them until we saw them.

With all the things I had planned for in August I don’t think I ever guess God would have a job change in store for me. As I closed the month of August I began the process of closing a chapter  of working at a Modesto based agency. I don’t think anyone I work with realizes how thankful I am to have even been given he opportunity to not only have a job I loved in Modesto but to have a job in general. When I started working for them I had just been laid off and unemployed. Now as I enter September I will be starting a new chapter of working at an agency Stockton. I don’t know how else to explain it…I am just really excited for this change.

One reason why I am just happy about August ending… is that fall is just around the corner. It was really hard for me to just embrace the extremely warm temperatures of the last month of summer. I have to admit it was a great month. Spent with the people who mean a lot to me. I was blessed with time to have Portuguese soup with my grandma and just catch up on life with her. Also, not to mention one of my closest friends got engaged! So incredibly excited for the months to come in celebrating the two of them. I know I say this in pretty much every month.. but God is so wonderful.

My August.

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