My April.

April. The month of April was incredible. I’m thankful I managed to take some video because because some moments were such a blur I was worried I wouldn’t remember them. So many emotions wrapped up into one month. Moments of laughter, happy tears, stressed tears, and so many butterflies. April 2015 was full of wedding festivities. My bachelorette included with the most incredible women that God has graciously put into my life.

I don’t think I can adequately tell you how April made me feel. All I can remember is how loved I felt throughout the whole month. All of our friends and family coming together to celebrate our wedding was unbelievable. Remembering the stress that I felt leading up to the setting up of our reception venue.. not knowing if what I had been planning for months was even going to work. Then all of our friends were there to help and let me tell you.. I have never felt friendship like I did that day. To see our friends doing everything they can to help create the vision we had was amazing. My family was right there beside us as well. Getting the grunt of my stress like always and just loving on me anyways.

I don’t think the reality of our wedding hit me until our rehearsal at the church we were to be wed at. It was the moment Aaron and I practiced the “repeat after me” vows. All of the sudden stress, worry, butterflies melted away. Reminded of the covenant we were making to each other that very next day. We spent that evening with our family, and closest friends eating yummy food and enjoying our last ‘single’ moments. Aaron and I then parted ways to hang out with friends. Him with all his closest guys and me having an old fashion girls sleepover.

April 25. Our wedding day. I can’t even explain how this day felt. When people say it all becomes a blur until you are walking down the aisle they really aren’t kidding. I was able to have breakfast with my mom and dad that morning. I remember my mom reading to me a letter she had written and it instantly brought me to tears. I spent the rest of the day getting ready with the girls and trying to soak in all the moments.

So many amazing memories from April 25 that seem so far away now. I will never forget the moment as I walked down the aisle to meet my groom. Saying our vows to one another. Remembering that our love is a gift given to us by the grace of God. I still can’t believe I married my best friend, the man who encourages me, challenges me, and who has shown me a love I never knew existed in human flesh.

Portland will forever have a special place in my heart. It was incredible getting away from everything with my husband. Coffee, beer, and walking around the city was the best way to spend the first week of our marriage.

April was something I couldn’t have really ever dreamed of.

My April.

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