Two-thousand and Fifteen

It’s really hard to put 2015 into words. This year has been a year for change, and growth in my life. I don’t really know where to start. So let’s start at the beginning. As the clock stick midnight and it became 2015 I was surrounded by some of my closest friends. I was engaged to be married to my best friend and life was pretty great.  The begging go the year was filled with wedding planning. My best friend got married and I had the honor to be her bridesmaid. They were sent off to their honeymoon and then my wedding planning madness was in full-swing. Planning a wedding was probably the hardest thing for me. Trying to figure out way to have the wedding we wanted without spending a ridiculous amount. As the planning came to a close we had come up with a wedding that complimented our personalities and represented the love we have for one another. I can’t even describe how wonderful our wedding day was. It was filled with so many emotions that I had no idea it was possible to feel at one time. April came and went so quickly I can’t even believe it. It truly was everything I could asked for and more. 

In the midst of all the wedding planning my mom landed a pretty sweet job in Bakersfield )of all places. So around February my parents packed up all of their stuff into a uhaul and moved. This was probably one of the hardest things for me to grasp this year. I had moved away from my parents 3 times already and was about to get married and move to Stockton. It was just hard to see my parents leave the house they lived in since I was two years old. My parents moved out and my sister and her husband moved in to rent the house from my parents. I lived there with them until our wedding day. 

It’s fun looking back on this year. So many memories and things happened.  It’s fun to look back on different moments. Married life is hard to explain and wonderful. Looking back on this past summer makes me smile. Aaron and I went for about a week without and AC unit installed and it seemed like a month. I remember one night we played in bed eating popsicles and 10PM because it was just so warm in our house. Then realizing around Fall time that we never turned out pilot light off which resulted in our house feeling like it was boiling in the summer months. Shout out to the best neighbor friends I could ask for. Living across the street from our friends has been great. Especially in these first months of marriage. As long as I have know Aaron he always dedicates Fridays to spend time with his friends. FIFA, and the guys talking on the porch is usually included in these Friday nights. Being married I have now pretty much adopted this into my life. So every Friday around 9:30 I expect and welcome the fact that all of his friends will be pilling into our small living room. It’s been amazing to see their friendship and lives go through different seasons. I can whole heartedly say I have never felt the support from community like I have this year. Knowing Aaron and I have a community of friends that support us and are for us is incredibly encouraging. This year was far from mundane. It was full of life, tears, change, laughter, happiness and so much more. 

Two-thousand and Fifteen

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