16 Weeks

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Officially 16 weeks pregnant and finally starting to feel less nauseous (with the exception of Saturday) and a little more like myself. It’s strange as soon as I reached week 13 or 14 of pregnancy it seemed like a fog was lifted and I could see things a little more clearly. I was no longer feeling like my brain was two steps behind every time I talk. I finally can feel my energy getting better. Wanting to organize our whole house to start making room for baby Running. Another amazing thing about week 16 is.. I can feel the baby moving around in there and it’s the most comforting feeling (and a little weird too). 

Things I am looking forward to:

  • finding out the gender
  • registering for gender specific items
  • feeling less nauseous 
  • organizing and starting to get the house ready to make room for baby stuff
  • Decorating the nursery
  • being able to eat more food!
  • figuring out how to dress with a growing belly
16 Weeks

15 Weeks

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It’s strange to think about how we are already in the second week on my second trimester. Baby is growing and so am I! I didn’t gain much weight in my first trimester due to constant state of nausea. Food is starting to taste and sounds better and better with each day. We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and it was the first time we were able to hear the heartbeat and see baby move around. It was so surreal seeing baby do flips in my stomach and squirm a ton. I think I got more emotional seeing the baby move around and flip over than hearing the heart. It made me realize the baby is already developing it’s own personality and doing things on it’s own. We will be having another doctor’s visit on May 26th and I’ll be almost 17 weeks by then. Hoping at our next ultrasound we will be able to find out what we will be having. 


15 Weeks