19 Weeks


Officially 19 weeks as of Saturday! Holy moly! We’re are basically half way done. I seriously can’t believe how fast time is flying. Carrying a child is such a unique experience that continues to challenge me on a daily basis. I’ve been trying to soak up this season of life as much as a I can and not miss it. These past couple weeks being in my second trimester have been amazing compared to the nausea the first trimester brought. I’ve been trying to take on small projects around the house to prepare the transition of what is now the office/ guest room into the nursery. Aaron picks fun at me saying I am “nesting”. I refused to admit it at first. But now I’m embracing the fact that I am nesting and trying to make room for Baby Running. Now that we are in week 19, we are getting closer to finding out the gender of the baby. Early on in the pregnancy I was convinced it was a girl. However, in the past week or so I have been having this feeling it’s a boy. It’ll be fun to find out for certain at our appointment on June 23rd (if the baby cooperates). I’m looking forward to finding out the gender and being able to find out who God has planned to enter our lives. I can’t wait to be able to call the baby by name rather than “Baby Running”. I have been able to feel the baby kick more and more everyday. It’s such a strange yet comforting feeling. I’ve become such a light sleeper that when the baby kicks all night I am up all night trying to sleep through the kicks. I’ve noticed the baby kicks more when I drink my iced water or some sugar. Every time I drink cold water I just smile because I feel like it’s our own little game we are playing with each other. As much aches and nausea pregnancy brings I can whole heartedly say those baby kicks make it so worth it. 

19 Weeks

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