Life Lately. 

Normally around this time of year I’m reflecting on the past year and writing down hope for the New Year. So much has happened this year it feels like two years in one! With a newborn everything tends to turn into a blur of changing diapers, nursing, and naps. So I decided to write about life lately. 

  • Sawyer was born November 4th. 
  • I’m now a stay at home mom. 
  • My camera roll is full of pictures of Sawyer. 
  • Sawyer smiles and can hold her head up! Where has time gone?! Stop growing!
  • I’m still adjusting to new mom life and am constantly googling things I don’t know. 
  • Still waiting for baby Cooper Faison to join the baby party. Hurry up!
  • I’ve recently developed a graham cracker obsession.  
  • We’re now Costco members thanks to my in-laws!
  • Sawyer naps (sometimes) in her crib but not at night yet. Soon!
  • Instead of spending my mornings in an office I spend them eating oatmeal and reading the Bible out loud to Sawyer. Only way she let’s me get through my She Reads Truth study plan. 
  • I’ve been learning to rejoice in life’s little victories. 

    Life Lately. 

    One thought on “Life Lately. 

    1. valeribarnes says:

      Oh my word, her smile!! My heart! I love your new life. You’ll never forget these days, and someday, you’ll long for them, wishing you could get them back. Enjoy. Every. Moment. Love you all!

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